Top Women's Colleges in America?

<p>Hello, can anyone rank the top ten women's colleges in the nation please? Or is that avaliable somewhere on the internet (I can't find it though)?</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>I think all the women's colleges are liberal arts colleges. So maybe you could take a ranking of LAC's and eliminate the men's schools, basically. Just an idea...</p>

<p>Yeah, I don't think they do separate rankings by gender... Among LACs, Wellesley's ranked the highest (#4 I believe, right behind Williams, Amherst and Swarthmore), but Smith, Mount Holyoke, Barnard, Bryn Mawr, and Hollins are also very well known and respected.</p>

<p>yea...i think Wellesley is a bit above the rest, but Smith, Mount Holyoke, Barnard, Bryn Mawr are also very good</p>

<p>you cant forget scripps college in the claremont 5 in california!</p>

<p>A Wall St. Journal ranking titled
is relevent to undergrads getting into
the top grad & professional schools has
Wellesley # 15
Bryn Mawr # 26<br>
Barnard # 42</p>

<p>None of the other schools named
in this thread were listed.</p>

<p>The top grad schools are as follows;
Medical schools= Columbia; Harvard; Johns Hopkins;
University of California, San Francisco; and Yale
MBA programs= Chicago; Dartmouth's Tuck School;
Harvard; MIT's Sloan School; and Penn's Wharton School.
Law schools= Chicago; Columbia; Harvard; Michigan; & Yale. </p>

1 Harvard University 21.49%
2 Yale University 17.96%
3 Princeton University 15.78%
4 Stanford University 10.70%
5 Williams College 9.06%
6 Duke University 8.61%
7 Dartmouth College 8.45%
8 MIT 7.75%
9 Amherst College 7.66%
10 Swarthmore College 7.44%
11 Columbia University 7.14%
12 Brown University 6.51%
13 Pomona College 6.35%
14 University of Chicago 6.22%
15 Wellesley College 5.98%
16 University of Pennsylvania 5.49%
17 Georgetown University 5.10%
18 Haverford College 4.47%
19 Bowdoin College 3.96%
20 Rice University 3.80%
21 Northwestern University 3.69%
22 Claremont McKenna College 3.69%
23 Middlebury College 3.64%
24 Johns Hopkins Univ 3.54%
25 Cornell University 3.23%
26 Bryn Mawr College 2.90%
27 Wesleyan University 2.87%
28 California Institute of Technology 2.81%
29 Morehouse College, Atlanta 2.79%
30 University of Michigan, 2.73%
31 New College of Florida 2.65%
32 Vassar College 2.58%
33 University of Virginia 2.55%
34 United States Military 2.38%
35 University of Notre Dame 2.27%
36 Emory University, Atlanta 2.19%
37 United States Naval Academy 2.13%
38 Macalester College 1.97%
39 Brandeis University 1.96%
40 Bates College 1.92%
41 University of California,Berkeley 1.90%
42 Barnard College 1.87%
43 Trinity College 1.86%
44 Grinnell College 1.78%
45 Tufts University 1.77%
46 Colby College, Waterville 1.70%
47 Washington University, St. Louis 1.70%
48 Washingtonand Lee 1.69%
49 Case Western Reserve University 1.65%
50 Reed College 1.64%</p>

<p>Princeton Review (in adding together their ratings for academics, quality of life, selectivity, and scholarships/financial aid) ranks Carleton, Pomona, Smith, Amherst, and Haverford as offering the top 5 undergraduate educations in the country (all better than HYPSM). Only one is for XXs only. Wellesely and Mt. Holyoke and Bryn Mawr not far behind those. Scripps and Agnes Scott and Spellman not far behind them. You can get a great education at any one of them.</p>

<p>I would put Pomona before Hollins, for sure. I think I'd put Agnes Scott before Hollins, too, but that could probably be debated.</p>

<p>If I'm not mistaken, I don't think there are rankings of women's colleges. Based on my own personal evaluation, I believe Wellesley and Smith are the top women's colleges with Barnard coming in third. Mount Holyoke is luke warm and I haven't heard much about the other women's colleges so they cannot be too great.</p>

<p>Bryn Mawr is definitely great.</p>

I haven't heard much about the other women's colleges so they cannot be too great.


<p>Well, at 14, how much research have you done into college? I'm not sure whether your hearing about them (or not) should be a yardstick of quality. I suspect there are a number of high-quality schools that you've never heard of.</p>

<p>They cannot be too great just because you haven't heard of them? It's really relative, isn't it? I didn't know what Duke was until my friend applied and got in. I'm going to USC this fall and half of my friend and teachers believe it is some public school in California (not with a 45k tuition it ain't). It depends on the people you are around and what you hear and how/what you choose to research that determines what you know. And having "heard" of a college is not always exactly an indicator that it is exceptional in some way. </p>

<p>Have you ever heard of Cooper Union? Or Olin? Or especially Deep Springs? Look them up and you'll be surprised how great they are, while relatively few people have even heard of them.</p>

<p>Mount Holyoke is NOT lukewarm. It's ranked above Barnard, which you mentioned. Scripps, a women's collge in Claremont, CA is ALSO ranked above Barnard. That said, Barnard is still a great school. But not exactly better than Mt. Holyoke, or even Scripps. And Barnard has ties with Columbia, for goodness sakes.</p>

<p>Based on the US News and World Report rankings, the top five are Wellesley, Smith, Byrn Mawr, Mt. Holyoke and Scripps. Next are Barnard, Agnes Scott, Spelman, Sweet Briar and Mills. How many of those have you heard of? And they're considered very good liberal arts colleges, too.</p>

<p>You know, I didn't realize that US News now ranks within the tiers. So it was astounding to me to see that Sweet Briar was ahead of Hollins and R-MWC. Interesting, because the test scores at the "lower" two VA schools are higher that at Sweet Briar. But I guess that's what makes the rankings interesting--variety of measures used.</p>

<p>I happen to be very knowledgable about colleges, including all womens colleges. My mother was a faculty member at Mount Holyoke College and has ties with both Smith and Wellesley. I stated that Mount Holyoke was lukewarm simply because I feel as if the quality of the students at MH could be better. MH is not need blind, they are very laxed with their policies, and they don't feed well into graduate schools. Smith feeds wonderfully to graduate schools and they are strong in all of their fields. Wellesley makes strong women, the rates for grad school matriculation, especially law school, are great, and the women getting top paying jobs are massive. Plus, they have ties with MIT, Brandies and Babson. Smith, Wellesley and Barnard are women's schools that I admire because the resources are great and they prepare well for further education. Barnard, of course, has Columbia right at their fingertips which I believe is a great asset. I believe all of the female liberal arts colleges have their own vibe, therefore one cannot say which is better or worse. US news can rank all they want, but you can't judge a college by someone elses rank. I have respect for each and every one of the women's institutions but I do feel as if some are stronger than others. I'm homeschooled and will be attending boarding school in the fall, therefore, although I am young and only 14, I'm extremely involved with my education and I educate myself on a broad spectrum of colleges. Yes, I have heard all the colleges mentioned and I understand they are all very fine liberal arts schools, I was just trying to convey my own personal opinion. No disregards to the other all female colleges I didn't mention, I just wanted to give what I personally felt were the " top women's colleges".</p>