Topic for any perspective nursing majors to ask questions!

Hi everyone! I am currently a freshman at Quinnipiac who is enrolled in the nursing program. If anyone has any questions about the nursing program and what they should do to hopefully make their application stand out. I am also in the Nursing LLC so if anyone has questions I can answer those too! Lastly, if you just have general questions about what it is like to live at QU don’t be afraid to ask!

Thanks so much for the offer to answer questions! Can you tell me if there is a lot of things going on at the school on the weekends? Do you find a number of people stay on campus? Also can you tell me a bit about what you liked about being part of the Nursing LLC? Thanks again!

@FutureNursingStudent2017 I just wanted to see how the rest of the freshman year went for you in the nursing program and if you could provide any insight to the program. Thanks