Torn between two choices..

<p>I enrolled in a summer Trig class at my local community college so that I could get it over with and take Precal during the Fall, but I was waitlisted from the very start and had to drop in time in order to get a refund. Now I have to suffer the consequences. </p>

<p>Ever since junior high I've always been behind people in classes. I was always a level behind in math, I never took enough AP courses and I always thought of myself as an underachiever. I want to change that in college but it ****es me off that I'm going to have to a class I took my junior year of HS. I got into Precal for SFSU but I'm kind've hesitant going there, it's been an on/off thing for me. The thing is, I don't want to waste time/money on credits that won't even transfer. </p>

<p>I have two choices as of right now:
Pros-I'll be independent, it'll be more fun, I can take Precal during the Fall, more chances to meet new people.
Cons-It's cold there, I hate the cold. I still haven't found housing, it's costly, I'll have to take that Comm 150 class >_> </p>

Pros-I'll have a higher chance of transferring, the weather here is definitely warmer, it's alot cheaper, it's convenient(I can pretty much drive home and back during a passing period), my parents can prepare everything for me assuming I'm still too much of a lazyass to do it myself lol, I'll have more time to mature.
Cons-Won't have as much of a chance to make new friends, teachers there don't seem to treat you like college students(from what I've read, they're always on your ass), I
ll have to take Trig <em>sigh</em>, I'm afraid of losing motivation during those 2 years.</p>

<p>As of this moment, I'm leaning more towards community college. Cause my main goal from the start was to transfer. </p>

<p>On a side note, how does my schedule look?</p>

<p>Principles of Microeconomics
English 101A
Introduction to Business</p>

<p>It's a total of 13 units but I'm thinking adding one more class. Any suggestions? The cap is 17.5 units and I was thinking of Managerial or Financial Accounting but both are 5. Some general ed class maybe?</p>

<p>I'd probably give Ohlone a try for the first year and if it's not to your liking, then you can always transfer to SFSU. Then again, I tend to be relatively stingy with my money.</p>

<p>As for your schedule, you can probably talk to an advisor to allow you to register for 18 units. I found Managerial Accounting to be the more interesting of the two, as did a lot of the other kids in my class.</p>

<p>go to a community college for 2 years.
transfer to a UC.</p>