Torn Between Two Future Majors!

<p>Ok, here is my dilemna: for a long time I figured that I would be a Business major next year, and thus would apply to the school of management. But recently I have begun to consider the possibility of becoming an english major. After all, my strengths are clearly in writing and english, and really I just thought of business as the most logical area of concentration for a money-hungry jewish male. The problem is that I largely designed my college list with business in mind, and I have already submitted many of my applications. Do most (lets say top 25) schools have strong english programs? It may sound like a dumb question but really you don't hear much about English outside of Liberal Arts Schools. It is also tough because of the possibility that I will have a difficult time in English and the fact that I would prefer to be in a fairly large school (4000-8000) Thanks!</p>

<p>Which schools have you already applied to? If they are not Engineering or business schools, they should have decent English programs.</p>

<p>Emory, Umich, Tulane, William & Mary, Vanderbilt, and Boston U. Is it uncommon for students at larger schools to major in English?</p>

<p>These are all schools with great English departments. English is a popular major, though going to grad school is probably required for getting a job. But someone who is good at writing can major in a number of writing-heavy fields: history, political science, communications (BU has a good program), anthropology, and probably other majors I cannot think of.</p>