Total Cost of Study Abroad

<p>I am trying to figure out how much these programs cost for everything so I can figure out our budget for college for the next 4 years. One school I am looking at is very expensive and they said the study abroad year to use an outside agency and that year would be much cheaper. It looks like it varies by location and are the units transferable? I am interested in Italy, Argentina, and Spain probably. I found some names on this site to look at (IES, ISA, NYU, API).</p>

<p>Well, I can answer to an extent...if you go with a program through your school, there is a big possibility that you will be paying "full price," (ie what you pay in america), even if the actual program costs significantly less (example: brother did a program that cpst 10,000, had to pay full 50,000). The problem, though, is that if you use an outside program, depending on the school, the credits may not be transferable...and even if you do use a program through the school, then there is a possibility that a)the credits won't be transferred or b)the credits will only be counted as elective credits, which might make it difficult to complete your degree on time.</p>

<p>If you know what school you are going to, it would be a good idea to be in contact with them directly, as policies vary from school to school. Also, if you are looking into Italy and Spain, you have to consider that the cost of living will be higher given the exchange rate.</p>

<p>Because you said your one school uses an outside agency (which would be cheaper), I would be concerned that the credits might not be transferable, in which case you might end up paying more in the long run to stay on an extra semester/year to finish your requirements.</p>

<p>Thanks. I will contact the school to find out. I was wondering about the credits and the other things you mentioned.</p>

<p>I would just sit down with an advisor before you sign up for classes to make sure they'll transfer.</p>

<p>It depends on your school and what type of program they have. At my daughter's school (State U) they have two options. A reciprocal school or the Affiliated/Approved program. The reciprocal exchange program you pay tuition and fees to the home college and the only cost overseas is travel and living expenses and books. All financial aid and scholarships are useable as you are officially enrolled at the US university. Classes are pass/fail and credits fully transferable. The Affiliated option is private, more expensive and scholarships and financial aid cannot be used. For us the RE program is definitely the way to go as she can do the semester or year for little more than a year here would cost using her scholarships and financial aid.</p>

<p>This really varies from school to school. My son is going on an abroad that has a direct transfer program with his college. That means while he is at a college in England, a student from that college will be attending his college in VA. Everything (tuition, room and board) is paid the same to the students home school and all merit aid/grants transfer so it will only cost us transportation.</p>

<p>Cost of living in those countries vary very widely! Argentina is the CHEAPEST (though the dollar is not doing so well). I think my abroad time in Israel would match pretty close to COL in Argentina (with the exception of rent) and my dollar definitely went very far- I was able to stay for 7 months before I ran out of money. If I had gone to London, I'd be ready to come home within 4 months- no traveling afterwards!</p>

<p>But yes, if you go to a prviate school or pricey public as OOS, going through an outside program that the school knows well is definitely much cheaper. My parents were able to use the difference to come over to Israel. Also program prices differ in different countries based on their standards of living- it has NOTHING to do with the quality of the program.</p>

<p>Also keep in mind that you kid still needs application fees, lots of passport pictures, and a passport- those are just the beginning :) And anticipate luggage costs of the airlines...</p>

<p>This really does vary school to school. Both of my kids went to/are going to private colleges and the abroads were no different then going to school with the exception of transportation. My daughter did an abroad in Peru and son is going to England. Both schools covered tuition, room and board. Also, their financial grants went with them, something that wouldn't have happened with an independent program. Neither had application fees. Already had passports and luggage..... My daughters school even covered the visa cost. My one piece of advice would be to make arrangements as early as possible because if the first choice school doesn't work out, you want to have a chance at another one.</p>