totally confused about Cornell Essay

<p>Hey! I am applying to transfer to Cornell CAS as a freshman, and I am really confused about the CAS essay asking about personal motto. I have already wrote an essay on my family values, and how moving to different places strenghthened the bond within my family. But, now reading the essay topic again, I realized maybe I should focus more on my academic interest and values for liberal arts education. </p>

<p> I in trouble? Should I write a new essay on my learning experience instead? The problem is, for my previous essays asking my reasons for transfer, I talked a lot about what I wanna study and my academic interest. I feel like repeating myself if I have to do write about academic stuff again in my CAS essay. Any advice? Are there anyone else who is troubled by this? Thanks so much guys for helping me!</p>

<p>I think that the purpose of the question is to invite a broad array of unique answers. Really, you can write about whatever you want to satisfy the question as they phrased it, so if the essay you have now about family values is well written and demonstrates something important to you, great. You don't need to re-do it.</p>