Tough decision between 4 colleges

<p>The schools im considering are University of Michigan (top choice, out-of-state though), Ohio State University (in-state, Honors program), Case Western Reserve University, and Tulane University. I am thinking about going the sciences, possibly neuroscience, but I am also considering a career in business.</p>

<p>Ok here's the story:</p>

<p>I love Michigan- its atmosphere, academics, and reputation. Its top-notch in just about every field. I loved it there...ahhh
BUT, since I'm out-of-state, I gotta pay a LOT of money. I got about 11,243 in financial aid (4,618 grants and 6,625). which means i'd have to pay about $25,000 up front, and the remaining ($13,500 per year cost after graduation). </p>

<p>The other three colleges (OSU, CWRU, and Tulane) i'd have to pay only about $14-15,000 up front. I'd only pay the $2,000 per year after graduation for OSU and about $5,000 per year after grad. for the other two. </p>

<p>I like Tulane the second-best after Mich, and OSU a close third. CWRU is the last option. But like I said before Michigan is my first choice. Michigan is reputed best for the majors I'm conisdering (business or sciences). <<so is="" prestige="" and="" preferrence="" worth="" 25k="" vs.="" 15k="" over="" four="" years??="">> My family total family income from my parents is around $80,000 and my sister will be attending college next year. So we'd be on a really tight budget. Also, is the OSU Honors program good, is it worth going to over Michigan?? But coming from a good college will help you when you look for a job or grad. school. </so></p>

<p>I need a lot help please. I have about 5 days to make the decision!!

<p>Given your family income and the fact that you have a younger sister. I would have to say that Michigan is probably going to be too expensive. Michigan is obvikously better than the other schools, but is it worth paying an extra $80,000 to attend? I do not think so.</p>

<p>Just to point out--I suspect your aid packages at all the colleges would change somewhat after your sister starts college. However, it's likely that Michigan is still going to be the more expensive option for you.</p>

<p>Tulane is also a very good university, and in your case I don't think it would be a bad choice.</p>