tough decision Sports Management OR International Studies and what college?

<p>I love sports a lot and hope to become a coach one day</p>


<p>I love traveling and exploring new places and im really interested in history</p>

<p>I already started at a local community college since i wasnt really sure what to do, so instead of doing General Studies like a dumba$$ i am, i did sports and exercise studies which puts me in the path of sports managment. ALSO im doing really bad at math but everything else is fine, i live in Connecticut and want to go to UCONN but it guess its hard getting into nowadays so im worried if i dont get into there ill be screwed bc they got a really good sports management program. also if i want to be a coach, i dont need to take sports management right? </p>

<p>im trying to find a good school thats reasonable to get into with good sports management and international studies but can't find one.</p>

<p>any help?</p>