tours in the rain?

<p>if i am supposed to go on a tour and it rains that they, will the UD tour guides still conduct the tour?</p>

<p>You bet they will! They'll give you a flimsy gold "Raining Blue Hens" poncho, and off you'll go. In the absence of a tornado or hurricane, be prepared to git 'er done!</p>

<p>Gotta laugh as we toured UD in the worst torrential period of rain in recent East Coast history ... Oct 10 or so, 2006. Flooding was unbelievable all up and down the coast, many lost homes, some were killed. Nothing funny about that Columbus Day weekend.</p>

<p>That said, we arrived for a session on that Sat a.m. Admissions met with the group of 50 or so in Gore Hall. Then they had the tour guides come in and call the students by name ... a VERY nice touch, btw, with pre-assigned guides determined by a prospective's expressed interest(s). Ours was a mismatch, but that's another story.</p>

<p>It was the proverbial cats n dawgz ... and after about 20 minutes of wading in water halfway up to our knees (honestly!), the guide, bless her heart for her candor and trying so hard in miserable circumstances, noted, "One thing I really hate about UDel is that when it rains. The water really sits on the sidewalks here because it's so flat." What an understatement! </p>

<p>Despite it all, we all came away from that persuaded UD was a pretty neat campus. We still think so.</p>

<p>I think that's true for pretty much any campus. It was raining during one of my college tours this summer. So, yes, rain or shine! :)</p>

<p>HA! I know...crazy, huh? So crude.</p>

<p>I went on a tour at University of Arkansas on a rainy day once. Needless to say, it sucked. However, I did think it was interesting that when I talked to one of the guys from the psychology department (my possible major), he said that people who go on college visits during rainy days are statistically less likely to end up attending that school.</p>

<p>So...just be warned not to get too down about the whether and discount a school just because you got a little wet. Happy hunting.</p>