Towson acceptance


my son OOS was accepted yesterday w 3.14 & 1320

My daughter was accepted two weeks ago waiting for merit aid

My daughter was accepted as well (OOS). We are also waiting to hear about merit aid.

My daughter was accepted for Fall 2018 but it made a mistake and has her listed as an OOS student. I need to call & have them fix it.

Applied: 11/30/2017
Accepted: 12/21/2017 (via snail mail)

SAT: 1100
ACT: 20 (composite)
GPA: 3.49 (Weighted)
Rank: does not rank
Other stats: 1 AP, all other classes Honors + 1 Dual Admissions course (4.0 GPA)
Extracurriculars: Varsity athlete x 4 yrs, Paid work since age 15, consistent volunteer, multiple awards for academics/athleticism

Essays: strong
Teacher Recs: 2
Counselor Rec: 1
Hook (if any): none

Location/Person: In-state
State or Country: Montgomery, MD
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: African American/Hispanic
Gender: Female

Major: Communications

Our daughter was accepted as well (In-State) and has not heard about merit aid yet. We reached out to them through the general admissions chat page, and they said notification of merit aid comes out by mid-January.

Applied: 11/9/2017
Accepted: 12/6/2017

SAT: 1390
GPA: 4.4 W

Has anyone heard back on merit aid yet?

Joining the party! D was accepted for fall 2018, in-state.

Applied: 11/20/17
Accepted: 12/15/17
SAT: 1230
GPA: 4.1W

Lifegarding-I was surprised to hear that merit aid comes out that soon! I thought notification would be closer to Feb-March. Happy to hear it’s sooner! We’re not expecting anything, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Also anxious to hear about Honors College. Anyone else apply?

Yes, I’m wondering if they got it right on the date when they shared the date that they start announcing merit aid. It would be great to hear before February to help with comparing different options! The other school D was accepted to followed up right away with merit aid details.

Our D applied to the honors college also, @SLP999. Congrats on your D’s acceptance!

Thanks! It’s a little weird how they space out their acceptance and financial aid. I think most schools send out merit aid offers pretty quickly. Guess we’ll wait and see. My D only applied to Towson-she’s dead set on attending that school! Fingers crossed for your D’s acceptance into honors :slight_smile:

No word on any merit aid here yet.

I think we’ll need to sit tight and wait on merit aid…per the TU website notifications will be made ‘on or about’ March 1:

Just attended a webinar hosted for financial aid by Towson, merit notifications will be coming in the mail beginning of February for all students who applied before December 1st 2017

Thanks, that’s good to know.

The Facebook page for ‘Towson University Admissions’ posted that merit-based scholarship letters are on the way (posted Jan 25th). Fingers crossed for everyone here!

Thanks for that update!

D’s merit-based scholarship notification came today! $3,000/year x 4 years (in-state, Provost) She’s been dead set on going to Towson, with or without a scholarship-so we are thrilled to have a little help. Now if we can just get into Honor’s College…

Hope you guys all get some good news soon!

My daughter’s arrived as well - $10K/year OOS Provost. :slight_smile:

DD got her scholarship letter on Monday,$4,500/ year for 4 years. She is in state.

OOS, Accepted for the BFA in dance. $9.000/yr for 4 years.

So i applied and got into Towson before the December 1st deadline but i never got any information about merit scholarships. Does this mean I did not get any?