Towson Acceptances / Merit Scholarships / Honors

Has anyone heard from towson about merit?

In state/Out of state?

In state/Out of state? oos
ACT/SAT? 28/1320
GPA? 3.75
Amount? 8500
Honors? not heard from

pls share :slight_smile:

@412wolf - that’s decent compared to our daughter. She is only slightly below your stats and she only received $2k, Granted, Towson’s tuition is lower than most of the schools she applied to, but she received anywhere from $10k to $24k elsewhere. In the end, Towson comes out in the middle of her schools on a net out of pocket basis. Frankly, I was expecting a little more. $7,500 would have been right around where I thought she would be.

In state/Out of state? OOS
ACT/SAT? 27/1250
GPA? 3.74
Amount? $2k
Honors?Haven’t heard

In state/Out of state? oos
GPA? 3.8
Amount? 8500
Honors? not heard from

@Hangdog wow… thats so weird, the sat/act must have been cut off right at 28 and its probably an automated system!! I would call for sure. i feel the same way though.

@rebeccamol i think she will definitely get into honors also, another 1-3k per year!

In state/Out of state? oos
GPA? 4.1
Amount? 11,000
Honors? not heard from

@412wolf do you know when they ask about honors? As far as I know they haven’t yet. I dont even know if she would do it. For more money I may make her lol

@phool42 THAT is amazing!!! That is some ACT score(and GPA)

I know they have a facebook for accepted Towson Students Do they have one for accepted Towson parents?

I just read honors letters were mailed Febuary 10th, guess we will all find out! But I read all honors students live in same dorm?