Towson Admission Decisions 2021!

Hopefully decisions coming out soon. Post if you hear anything.

Proud to say I got accepted! It takes about 3-4 weeks to receive a decision and they began sending decisions Nov.1. Good luck to the rest of you!!!

My son received his acceptance yesterday in the mail

I received my acceptance today. I am not a Maryland resident and the letter said I am being assessed for out of state tuition. I was hoping to get some merit or a break on out of state tuition. Any thoughts?

My son received his acceptance yesterday - also out of state. Applied 10/25/16

Received my Acceptance today!!!

My D got acceptance on 11/19. Applied on 11/12 - No mention of merit $$ Does anyone know when these get awarded? Thanks

Towson’s website says the scholarships will start to be awarded in April.

scholarships were sent!!

@rebeccamol Did you get your sin the mail or online?

@Hangdog We called when her friends started receiving them and then two days later we got it in the mail. They are really nice if you call the scholarship department.