Towson Merit Scholarships for Out of State Students

I am curious what types of merit scholarships Towson awarded to out-of-state students entering the class of 2020. If you would also be willing to share your student’s GPA and SAT score as well I would really appreciate it. I am trying to get a handle on what non-Maryland students ultimately have to pay.

Thank you!

Do you know if admission requirements are higher for oos applicants?

I do not know.

last year the avg max scholarship for OOS was $14k

Was that only for students enrolled in the honors program? What was the criteria?

@csggirl its merit so applies to entire school. no criteria given. all they told me was that the average maximum scholarship was 14k, obviously excluding outliers. i assume if youre in honors, youll get more scholarship, simply because your grades are better

Does anyone here know if towson gives full rides

My son received a letter yesterday with 2K a year YIKES

Mine too,also for 2K. Not enough. The merit money awarded from private colleges makes them less than Towson so I guess they are now off our list.

Same here ($2k).

My daughter got $8500/year but if she didn’t she wouldn’t be able to go here.

Very happy that my son got $11,000/year

@phool42 I would be thrilled!! Thats amazing!!