Towson merit scholarships

Has merit scholarships been sent out yet? My D GPA is 4.1 and was wondering if she would get an merit aid?

Depends on in or out of state I assume. I am in state and was offered a 3500 a year scholarship and my cumulative is a 4.2 and 1310 SAT

When did you receive your merit? I assume if accepted but no merit mentioned than nothing is coming. Thanks,

My friend, who is in-state, received notification two or three weeks ago regarding a similar merit scholarship.

My daughter is out of state and received her merit aid on Jan. 29th.

Thanks. I am assuming no merit aid was given to her. Shes in state as well. Great GPA but not as great SAT & ACT scores. She hates big tests LOL. Congrats on your acceptance!

@awebb502 – DD got her merit scholarship notification yesterday of $625/semester for 4 years… Needless to say, we were disappointed… My hubs is an alumnus!!!