Towson Scholarship info

Has anyone received a scholarship letter from Towson University? I was told they were mailed out on Friday.

My Son did receive a scholarship letter on Saturday. He received the in-state Provost award (2,500 dollars a year)

My S received an out of state provost award for $7500 per year.

My S did not, so I sent a quick email to the college and they confirmed that he did not receive one. I think they can check for you if you still haven’t heard yet.

My daughter got an award letter from the college last week $5000 per year and another one yesterday from the Honors college with an additional $3000 a year.

Lifegarding…could you tell me who did you email about the scholarship? I would like my daughter to decide between JMU and Towson and we would like to know if a Towson scholarship is coming or not?

If I may ask, what were some of your kids GPA’s? My daughter has a pretty good GPA and is a good student, very involved in sports and clubs and she was told yesterday by Towson that she’s not receiving any merit scholarships. :frowning: Towson is her number 1 choice so we were hoping she would get something.

@georginac my sons GPA was 3.6 or 3.7, not sure which one. He received an out of state provost award for $7500 per year. We were pleasantly surprised. Did your D receive merit from any other college? Perhaps she can say that X college offered X amount in merit and ask Towson if they can match it since Towson is her #1 choice. Good luck!

Thank you, so much. Yes, she received a merit scholarship for 14k and a Deans List award scholarship for 2k from University of New Haven. I will write to them and see if that works. Thanks for your hlep.

@carly135 - can I ask what your son’s tests scores were - My daughter is a 3.7 GPA (IB classes and very well ranked school) but her SAT’s are not great - 1140 for CR + Math. She really like Towson and we are out of state and trying to see if she would get an merit aid. Website does not have stats - thank you

@pmcnyc My son only took the ACT and his highest overall score was a 27. He had a 3.6 or 3.7 GPA, only 1 AP class and a few accelerated classes in Chemistry and Physics. Towson is a great state school and affordable for out of state students too. However, as it turns out my S decided to attend a different school. Best of luck to your D!

@carly135 thanks for the info

I’m eagerly awaiting my decision. Does anyone know if towson gives full rides