Towson Transfer

Hi all :slight_smile: can someone help me figure out if I can get into Towson University (Baltimore, MD)?

I went to George Mason University for two years but I decided that it wasn’t worth the out-of-state tuition, so I am applying to three Maryland schools (I am a resident of Maryland). I’m applying to UMD, UMBC and Towson, but Towson is my first choice! I applied to Towson my senior year of hs, but I was only accepted into the FTP. That being said, it was two years ago.

When at GMU I had a 2.93 GPA, was super involved with my sorority and was a research assistant. I also have professional work experience and volunteer during the week at a domestic violence agency. I am having a solid letter of recommendation sent. I was a community and global health major at GMU but will change my major to Communications at Towson.

This being said, I’m worried that I won’t get into Towson. I am applying for the spring semester of 2019 and will be taking classes at my community college this fall (I’m taking honors biology, IT 101, intro into poli sci and a music class that will fulfill a Towson gen ed). The classes I am taking this fall should bring my GPA up to at least a 3.0 if not higher. Also, if I go to Towson then I wont have to work (because it’s in-state tuition) so I can focus more on academics.

Do you think I’ll get into Towson? Has/Is anyone in the same boat as me? :slight_smile: