Track and field

I’ve seen there are recruiting standards, what does that mean?
Does that mean those certain track and field times are a cutoff to the team?
What if I almost reached the cutoff time?
Would they give me leniency if I started track late and I have potential?
How much would being in track help with my admissions as an asian student?
Is doing 400m sprints as an asian sterotypical?
Also, what are the most prestigious colleges with the worst track teams?

I cannot answer your questions. I would like to share that the “low recruiting times” for Division I male track events seem to be on the slow side. I suspect that the 10,000 meter slow recruiting time is a misprint, but am not sure.

Also, the Division I slow recruiting time for the 1,500 meters for men is too slow & is almost certainly a misprint.

As you probably know, Division I is the most competitive category for colleges & universities.

P.S. Go to the chart for scholarship times for the University of Michigan. These times seem accurate for full scholarship, partial scholarship, and for walk-on consideration.

In theory the recruiting standards listed by a particular program will show the rough marks a coach is looking for. In practice, most of the time the actual recruiting class doesn’t match the standards. So I’d take them with a grain of salt. I’ve talked to coaches who didn’t even know they had recruiting standards on their websites… is usually a better resource to get a sense of athletic fit by conference and school. Coaches are mostly looking for athletes who will help them score in the conference meet. Once you’ve identified where you might fit, email the coaches and fill out the recruiting forms. They’ll get back to you if they’re interested.

If you share your PRs, people here can probably help you identify the correct level to be looking at, and also suggest specific schools or conferences.

OP asked: “Is doing 400m sprints as an Asian stereotypical ?” No. Actually it would be unusual.

For cutoff times, see the “walk-on consideration” times for the University of Michigan.

No leniency for late starts.

If you almost meet the specified time for an event, it is unlikely that you would be allowed to walk-on to a Division I team. Probably true for Division II & for Division III as well. NAIA times are quite slow so if you couldn’t meet those times, then you probably won’t be able to join the team. But, this can be decided on a school-by-school basis.