Track at Unifieds

<p>Does Emerson have an accompanist at unifieds or are we using tracks?</p>

<p>When my son auditioned at the LA regionals two years ago they had an
accompanist. They also specifically said that amongst other things, they
were looking to see how you collaborated with the pianist. For me, this
was a very positive reflection on their program. At the same regional, he
auditioned for Hartt which had no accompanist. I can understand trying to
cut costs, but I really appreciate that they didn't economize in this area.</p>

<p>Emerson supplied an accompanist at the LA unifieds this year also.</p>

<p>The accompanist was sooo nice and very very good!! Funny thing... he's the only piano player that didn't mess up my "cuts" at all my auditions I had!!. I mean even CCM messed me up during my audition and there supposedly the best school out there.</p>