Track & Field Recruiting for D3 schools (Chicago, CMU, Williams, WashU)

I have a 1470 SAT, 3.82 unweighted GPA (3.63 freshman year, 3.89 soph year, and 3.96 junior year) with a rigorous course load of 7 AP’s. 5 on European HIstory so far. This track season I ran a 4:25 1600m and 9:40 3200m. Do I even have a shot to get recruited at competitive d3 schools like Chicago or WashU?

See how your times compare here: and on the school websites.

Have you been in touch with the coaches at any of those schools?

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You’re in that range where it’s definitely worth your time to fill out the recruiting forms and email coaches. I’d cast a wide net though. You might get no interest at a strong distance program like Williams, but the coaches at schools like Bowdoin or Hamilton might be interested. So it’s worth contacting any of those programs where you might have interest.

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If you ran 4:25 as a junior, you definitely are in the game for these schools. Assuming you improve and run 4:15-4:20 next year, that would be near the top of what these schools usually get. Some coaches have more pull than others, so it will vary across these schools. Reach out soon - they are already recruiting and prefer their recruits go ED.

You might also look at Davidson. They recruited my DS (similar times) heavily and would definitely be interested in your times. They are the smallest D1 school in the country (with only one scholarship for T&F), and we really liked the coaches. Very similar size and vibe to a lot of top D3 programs.

Smaller DI schools than Davidson are Presbyterian with around 1,200 students, and Wofford, VMI, and St. Francis, all around 1,700 students. Regardless, if OP does look at some ‘light’ DI programs (I would add some Patriot league schools to the broader list), understanding how many scholarships there are makes good sense.

If you submit athletic recruiting forms to schools on your academic level, you can anticipate lots of interest from coaches as you plan your college applications.

Time is of the essence, as such I would counsel OP to NOT rely on submitting the recruiting questionnaires. They need to reach out directly to coaches, via email, phone call, and/or Twitter DM.


I agree. I’d do both: complete the questionnaire, then follow up with the distance coach.

Agree, otherwise, the first thing the coaches will do is ask you to fill out the questionnaire.

Most schools will post their recruiting time standards on their site. It’s very objective.
You might also want to look at I don’t how accurate their data is, but from your numbers you stand a good chance at both WashU and Chicago: Your Matches < Runcruit

Good luck!

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My S21 just went through XC/T&F recruiting, and IMHO the Runcruit standards are too slow. It showed him as a target recruit at schools where he was really a walk-on. Covid may have something to do with that, but Caveat emptor on those times.

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