Track recruiting

<p>Can anyone who has experienced track recruiting (not xc) tell me how the timing played out--was most of your coach contact in the summer or fall?</p>

<p>Feel free to PM me if you'd rather.</p>

<p>Ummm, for me, I started off the convo by sending an email to them (for arguments sake, say it was October 25th of last year. I dont remember the exact date, but it was in and around there). About 2 weeks after that, I got a phone call from the coach (she had tried calling a few times beforehand, but I never seemed to make it to the phone in time)</p>

<p>In that phone call, I was invited for an official visit, set for November 15th. I went, loved it, and committed to Yale verbally in mid December. I then applied, got a LL in March, got accepted in April, and here we are. </p>

<p>So, to answer your question, my contact was ALL in the fall, none in the summer. I was in talks with UPenn over the summer though (Very short talks. I got a visit there too, but the coach is a man of very few words)</p>

<p>My DD first contacted coaches by email in the spring of junior year. After July 1st, they began calling her and talking about official visits for Sept. and Oct. The phone contact in the fall was ever-changing as the coaches' interest peaked, yet they were still juggling other recruits. </p>

<p>I'd recommend starting contact as soon as possible. Good luck.</p>

<p>Fall and into winter. Daughter signed shortly after the signing period began in Feb. We know of many track athletes (good ones!) who didn't sign until after their senior season ended! As marks improved, more and more schools came on the radar and offers increased. In fact my daughter's HS coach encouraged her to wait but she (and we) saw no reason, she knew what she wanted. We felt it was a great relief to have the recruiting/shopping over with before season started.</p>