Track: Yes or No?

<p>I was offered a spot on the Varsity Track team, but I'm really not that talented. Do colleges really care that you're on a varsity sports team if you don't win any awards?

<p>Oh yeah, and I'm a junior if that makes any difference. Do you guys think it's too late to join?</p>

<p>Participate if you enjoy running and hanging out with your teammates. </p>

<p>Colleges look past simple participation in activities. They want to know what you learn and get out of your activities and like to see committment and passion, not necessarily awards.</p>

<p>If you love to run then you should join. But if you are just running for filler on your application, I wouldn't bother. Colleges want someone that has a passion for something not just floating from activity to activity.
All sports take alot of dedication. even if you are not that good (like you said) you will need to spend lots of time practicing, going to meets etc... is that how you want to spend your free time.</p>

<p>I would join if you like to run, but not just for show on your application.</p>