tracking the early application

<p>i sent in part II of my early application a few days ago. however, everytime i go to the columbia site to track it, it says not yet recieved/processed. i'm really worried now that it got lost or something... so should i send in a paper copy in the mail as well?</p>


<p>it should be fine, they take a while to process it, but they'll have it if u sent it so i wouldnt worry</p>

<p>What are the steps in the tracking process? Isn't the tracking process just a waste because everyone will get their acceptance or rejection email at the same time?</p>

<p>you track it through their website with your id number. it may be a waste of time, but it does tell you if they've recieved all your stuff. i wouldn't be worrying about this stuff if i hadn't heard an anecdote from a friend:</p>

<p>his sister sent in her application to columbia electronically but somehow, they lost it. </p>

<p>tough luck... freak accident... whatever. i guess i'm just paranoid that something like that could happen to me as well.</p>

<p>when/how did you get your ID number?</p>

<p>yea dont worry i didnt even get my id number yet</p>

<p>plus, i called the office someone told me i could call back in 4 hrs to see if they received my fax, and i called back in 4 hrs and they said call back in a week. lol so yea i think it just takes a while</p>

<p>haha i guess i should ease off the edge of my seat then :(</p>

<p>"a few days" is way too early to get anxious</p>

<p>wait a week or 2</p>