Trader Joe's Trading Post

Hey guys!!

So I know that CC has a very large TJ shopper base. My family always shops at Trader Joes every week. I created this thread for anyone who would like to share and list their favorite TJ items. Whether it be crackers, dips, nuts, or even dessert, please share what you never fail to purchase when you shop at your neighborhood Trader Joe’s. Please feel free to discuss, share and debate your favorites!!

Our go-to’s

Triple Layer Hummus: Cilantro, Regular, Spicy Hummus…so good!
Enchanted Crackers: Great for dipping or spreading. Do be warned, they crack easily
Salsa Verde Chicken Burrito: Great for a quick meal!!


I stopped going to Trader Joe’s (recently) when they were no longer able to get my soy creamer (producer quit making it). I don’t need TJ’s for anything else. I’m really bummed because I have not been able to find a substitute anywhere, so I’m stuck with half-n-half which is nowhere near as creamy as the old TJ’s product. (And, yes, I have tried every other creamer on the market. I want no sugar, no flavor additives, and a thicker consistency than anything else out there.)

Frozen Mango Chunks
Frozen Hericot Vert
Spicy Cashew Dressing
Green Goddess Dressing
Zhoug Sauce

Only when oldest is home:
Frozen Almond croissants/Frozen Chocolate croissants - prove overnight and pop into oven for warm, tasty pastries at home


Little shredded wheat…brown sugar and maple…my favorite cereal.


I just looked up the Spicy Cashew Dressing…and promptly wrote it on my list. Looks wonderful!

My favorites lately are

Extra Large Tortillas
Frozen Falafel
Broccoli Slaw
Rosemary Marcona Almonds
Quattro Formaggio (for very quick homemade pizza)

Has anybody tried their bread by any chance? I love flatbread, pita, and naan so I was wondering if their loaves of bread were any good.

Autumnal Harvest Pasta sauce-- but this is seasonal

anchovies in olive oil–good quality, we make a ton of caesar dressing here

green olives in individual foil packs–kids love these for lunches

Mini basque cheese–so good!

french vanilla icecream

Bread at our TJs is usually pretty unexceptional. But I do buy the parbaked loaves that you finish off in the oven and those are always a hit.

@loveorangecats I hope you enjoy it, I love it. It is particularly good on tomatoes if you like them.

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Thank you so much! With that being said I probably will not buy their bread. It is very expensive where we live.

Anyways, off-topic, we recently got a Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker. It. is. absolutely. amazing. In fact, we are making a white-flour loaf right now. Last week, we made a whole-wheat loaf. It lasted the whole week (no pun intended). Just slather some raspberry jam and pb and oh…so delicious.

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the kung pao chicken and the orange chicken are our household favorites, they are delicious!

Has anybody tried their mini cones? We have them when guests are over. It is a party favorite.


@AllGoodNamesRGone Are the cones crisp? That was always my wonder when I’ve seen those.


Frozen Mango Chunks
Crispy Plaintain Slices
Dried fruits and nuts
Sweet Corn Tamales
Fingerling potatoes

I love the mini ice cream cones, especially the new coffee ice cream dark chocolate cones. Yes, the cones are crisp!
I like the concentrated cold brew coffee
Ultimate Chocolate ice cream
Fruit bars (popscicles)
I usually buy a bottle of Savignon Blanc in the $10 range
Milk, eggs, etc…
I do not buy bread or tortillas at TJs
I like their cake/coffee cake/muffin mixes

Gladiolus bunches. $6 buys you a large one , and it lasts a week or even longer :slight_smile: Also, Madrigal cheese (1/2 price compared to the Euro deli around the corner). Shedded cabbage and carrots (I’m lazy, Ok? :smiley: ).

We love the Cracked Wheat sourdough bread and also the sprouted wheat sourdough which I use for avocado toast.

I buy Semifreddi’s Cinnamon Bread and Challah at TJ’s, but otherwise I find TJ’s bread to be outright bad. Semifreddi’s might just be local to the SF Bay Area.

I often buy their packaged Southwestern or Italian salads. And while it’s not exclusively sold by TJ’s, I’ll usually buy Jarlsberg cheese there. I also love their 1 lb bags of roaster and unsalted cashews.

I am addicted to their fresh black bean and cheese burritos.