Trader Joe's Trading Post

Today they had Peony Blossom but I felt funny about pulling my mask down to smell it and I didn’t want to buy something I didn’t smell.

True…true. It has been a long time since I smelled those candles as well. Every so often I find them at the window and I just get so sad :cry:. It is what it is…

Years ago someone here on CC - either themselves or a family member - wrote a cookbook using Trader Joe items. I bought one but ended up giving it to my daughter who had a TJ’s to easily access. I can’t remember for sure…this might have been the book?? - anyone else remember talking about this years ago???

Oh my goodness, how could I forget?! Their Windmill cookies. I buy these every week. They’re plain but not boringly so, not overly sweet, have a lovely almond flavor, and the detailed windmill design is just so pleasing to look at particularly when they are on a plate with a pot of tea nearby.


I don’t remember a Trader Joe’s cookbook but the idea is intriguing. I miss the little pre-Covid demo table that our TJ’s used to share recipes and give samples.

Here are a couple that I still make:

  1. Cook the soy chorizo. Add a can of drained black beans and cooked rice (microwaved bag of their frozen brown rice was used). When hot, serve in warm tortillas. (We buy El Milagro, not a TJ product.)
  2. Heat a bottle of General Tsao’s sauce with about a third of a jar of apricot preserves. They used it with their cooked, frozen meatballs. It was a great change of pace from meatballs in barbecue sauce as an appetizer.

They sell mango mochi at Aldi. They used to be at TJ but now I can find them at aldi.

The cookbook is .99 on the kindle app. For that price I’m going to try it.

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I happen to be in Nashville visiting D right now while SIL is traveling for first time in 15 months. I went to TJs yesterday and bought the Peony Blossom candle. Pulled my mask down just a smidge for just a fleeting moment to smell and put 2 in the cart. Pulled them out when I got back to D’s house and said one for you, one for me and took a good whiff then. We both really liked the smell.

Other current treats for me are the Everything But the Bagel nut duo and the Vegan Tzatziki dip.

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The corn salsa is yummy, I mix it with Israeli couscous for a snack

Many of the dried fruits and nuts are excellent quality and well priced. The glazed pecans and dried cherries are wonderful in a salad, particularly with goat cheese. Many cheeses are well priced for the quality. TJs is one of the few places that sells regular pasteurized dairy products. It can be hard to find real cream. The frozen croissants that require overnight raising are good. The ones that don’t require it are bad. I like applewood smoked bacon, fully cooked carnitas, lamb roast, and a lot of frozen Indian. When they have them the wild shrimp are good. Oh and Zhou’s sauce is great.


My hands down fav TJ item is the dark chocolate covered almonds.

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Triple Gingersnaps…

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Who suggested the rosemary marcona almonds? Yesterday I bought them for the first time ever, and I can’t stop eating them…


Spicy Cashew Dressing was amazing on a pile of roasted vegetables last night!

It was a great suggestion.


Also, I went into a TJ for the first time in a year.

Large solid baking bars, excellent quality (skip their chips which are average)
Cold pack carnitas
Gigantic crunchy corn kernels
Freeze dried fruit
Frozen fruit
Chocolate dipped peppermint jojo, must be purchased quickly they sell out
Frozen all butter puff pastry, in season

There are many TJ products I don’t like including some on this list. But the best things have a very good quality to price ratio

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-Smashed S’mores!! We get them for 20 yr old and he will eat a whole box in one sitting. I have to buy multiple boxes at a time.
-Beef Pho and Wonton Soup (frozen). DH is doing Noom and these are actually really excellent for him. Also super quick, which is awesome when he only has a few minutes b/w meetings.
-Bimibap ( I think that’s what it’s called) same as above but it’s not quite as good for him.

  • Salsa Autentica. really excellent on tacos, quesadillas, carnitas, etc
  • Maple syrup. not quite as good at the crazy expensive stuff, but for the price it’s amazing!
  • Gyro meat. Ok, seriously stupid easy. Toss a few slices in a skillet, wrap in warm na’an w/ tzaziki, feta and tomatoes. Dinner is ready in less than 10 minutes!!
  • all the popcorn but especially the kettle corn
  • cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies, drool
  • all the frozen fruits are great for smoothies
  • the bags of itty bitty honeycrisp apples. perfect for lunch boxes
  • cut flowers!!! SO CHEAP and they last
  • love their honey mango shaving cream
    -whole fat yogurt. one of the few places that reliably has whole fat yogurt for my skinny kids
    -and of course all the fall/xmas seasonal stuff
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Anybody try their Danish Kringle? We just got it last week after hearing how wonderful it is.

I do not know if they have an original flavor but we got the cheesecake variety. Tastes nice when placed in the oven and the glazing is really good. Saying this, the filling is VERY sweet. I would probably prefer the original (if they have that kind)

As a side note, does anyone buy their Coconut Curry Chicken medallions? Recently we have not been able to find them at our location so I was wondering if they have discontinued them. Thanks!

frozen brussels sprouts–$.99/lb!
scallion pancakes
soup dumplings–chicken and pork
raspberry preserves
tomato paste in a tube–$1.29!
frozen cuban rice bowl
trimmed fresh string beans
Cuban style canned black beans
summer sausage
teeny tiny avocados in a net bag–great for my household of 1
Cuattro Formaggi