Train exit at Peekskill or Garrison?

<p>If taking the Metro-North train from Manhattan to West Point, does one get off at Peekskill Station or at Garrison? Which station will most likely have more taxis to take to West Point?

<p>More cabs at Peekskill...but either train station will work. You can call a cab company to arrange for a pick up at Garrison, but there are typically cabs at the Peekskill stop.</p>

<p>Thank you momcubed. Do you have any recommendations for a cab company? We're from California so we really have no knowledge of any cab companies.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> is a link to cab companies that had approval as of Dec. 2010 to drive onto base. There are usually cabs at the Peekskill station, but you can arrange one ahead of time. Also, you can take the shuttles from either JFK or LGA to Grand Central (about $12) and then the train to either Garrison or Peekskill. Enjoy your trip!</p>

<p>First question - if you're from California, why are you taking Metro North to West Point?</p>

<p>If you're flying into one of the NY airports, you're going to have to get to Grand Central in order to grab a train. A big pain. Why bother? Might as well use that effort to go straight to WP.</p>

<p>If you do take M/North, unless you swim, you're going to have to cross the Hudson over a bridge to get to West Point. Most likely the Bear Mountain Bridge. So, get off at Peekskill. Garrison is a tiny stop (I doubt there will be cabs waiting there) and you won't have to waste time back-tracking down the east side of the Hudson.</p>

<p>Mark, for what it's worth - cab fare from any of the NY area airports is usually cost prohibitive for most mere mortals. Getting from either JFK or LGA to Grand Central can be accomplished very cheaply via public transportation (takes longer) or shuttle bus ($21 roundtrip). Metro North to Peekskill or Garrison is about $32 roundtrip if bought at the station and not on board; cab fare from Garrison is about $30 each way if you can't share. Cab fare to/from an airport, however, is typically at least $150 each way or $300 roundtrip. Most cadets use the taxi/train/shuttle to travel if they are not traveling on a "leave" weekend when bus service is available.</p>

<p>MarkBass, we are staying in Manhattan and I thought that Metro North was the easiest way to get there, correct?
momcubed, many thanks for all of the information -- appreciate it!</p>

we are staying in Manhattan and I thought that Metro North was the easiest way to get there, correct?


<p>Yes, sort of. I thought you might be traveling straight from the airport. If you are already staying in Manhattan, and not too far from Grand Central, and don't need a car and if you don't have a lot of baggage to take with you, Metro North is a good alternative.</p>

<p>The train takes a little over an hour to get to Peekskill.</p>

<p>Have a great trip!</p>