tranffer chances

<p>Ok so I will have like 90 hours so I'm not sure I can even transfer but Im a double major in psychology and looking for a pre med program so I can successfully do psychiatry. I want the med program to make sure I cover the basics before I take the MCAT. anyway, I have a 3.5 and can get it up to a 3.62 before I apply. I'm my schools SGA vice President and my fraternity's secretary. By the end of this school year I will have started a national society chapter on my campus. I was in band this past year but won't be this next year due to class scheduling. During high school I had a 3.5 GPA and was involved in
DECA- 3 years- executive board for 2
student council- 4 years- executive board for 1
FBLA- 3 years
Quill and Scroll- only had for 1 year
Band- 7 years of high school 1 of college
4-H- 9 years
Tennis- 7 years
Boys state 2008
Honors Cirriculum
Tennessee Scholars program
900+ community service hours</p>

<p>I'm looking for a good school that has at least some of its students get into med school because the school I'm at has never sent anyone to med school.</p>