Transcript errors?

<p>I was looking through my transcript and found an extreme amount of errors. I've been to three different high schools and this is only the second quarter of my junior year. There are Bs when there should be As, a random F for a class they said I took in 10th grade, that I took in 8th grade and passed with an A, and a D- for an English class I got at least a B in. I never received report cards from one of the three schools I went to, which is where the greatest amount of errors stem from. </p>

<p>How can I go about getting this fixed? If my grades aren't fixed, I have absolutely no chance of getting into any of the schools I want to attend.</p>

<p>First place to begin would be to contact your guidance counselor. S/he is the only one who can follow up and correct the situation. Also, if you did not receive a report card, how do you know that the grades are incorrect?</p>

<p>^This. How would you know that you got As if you never got report cards?</p>