transcript for UCs,CSUs,UW

hi i was wondering when i apply to UCs and cal states do i need to send my 9-11 grade transcript to the colleges or do i only need to send it to the school i want to go to when we get acceptance letters in march. Also…if im applying to University of washington -seattle from out of state…do i need to send them my transcript when i apply in november?

<p>My understanding is that the UC's and Cal states have you SELF report your grades using their application--no transcript needed. The only time a transcript is sent is after you have been accepted. At that point (end of the year), a final transcript is sent to the UC or state school you plan to attend that better match up pretty perfectly with the information you earlier reported. The University of Washington does require a transcript be sent during the application period. Normally, a written request and a few dollars given to your registrar will get that process under way. Good luck.</p>

<p>thanks so much caseyatbat!</p>