Transcript Mistake - Help?!

<p>So I checked my MyAdmissions page again, and checked the course update form thing about the transcript which shows what courses I’ve taken so far and my grades in them. I saw that the page shows that I’ve taken the AP Macroeconomics course in 12th grade, when in reality I’ve taken AP Microeconomics. I checked my UC application too, and it says the same, so it looks like I’ve made a mistake… ■■■. So my question is: What am I supposed to do now?!</p>

<p>On a side note, are we required to update grades, and that too by July 15th? I don’t really know what grades I got in the second semester of my senior year, so I’ll kinda have to guess.</p>

<p>Don't guess your grades. That's the last thing you want to do.
I think it is okay if you made a mistake on your UC app.
You can still change the grades and classes posted on your UC Davis account.
All you need to do is back it up with your transcript, which you send before July 15.
This is when you should get your high school transcript so that you won't have to guess the grades during your senior year.
If you don't have your high school transcript, you should go back to your high school's office and ask for one. They should have a copy for you to send to UC Davis.</p>

<p>Go to where it says "report changes", and in the additional comments below, state your mistake. Or you can just call them up and tell them that you made an error in your application.</p>