Transcript Needed for Cooper Union Summer Program?

<p>Hi, everyone.</p>

<p>I'm interested in attending the Cooper Union Summer Program this coming summer (yes I'm aware it's only September) and was wondering what kind of transcript is needed. My school grades somewhat uniquely in that it uses the IB scale, but includes + and - (i.e 6+ would be a possible transcript note--confusing, I know). I'm fairly strong in comparision to people in my grade in Math, Physics and Biology (for what it's worth, not much I'm guessing, my grades would be 7-, 6+, 6+ respectively) but obviously those joining this program are much stronger than the average student in my grade. </p>

<p>So I ask to those of you who've attended before, or just have any idea, what type of grades in what subjects are needed to be accepted? And would it be of any help that I'm taking a Computer Science in Java class in school(which I'm doing very well in)?</p>

<p>I attended last summer and my school sent in a general transcript with all my grades from freshman and sophomore year. So I think a regular transcript from your school will suffice, even if it is using a different system. And background knowledge in computer programs like java, excel, etc is very useful especially in the Neurophysiology and robotics projects</p>