Transcript NIGHTMARE!

<p>I am currently applying for transfer admission to McCombs. Im a student at the Community College of Rhode Island with a 3.87 cumm and 4.0 in business related courses with 37 credits and will have 51 at the time of transfer. My CALC, ECON, and ACCT have offered to write LOR for me as well. Im also the VP of DECA business club at my school, a veteran of Afghanistan, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society.
Everything sounds great right? No problem right? WRONG!</p>

<p>Back in 2007 I attended Oklahoma City Community College for all of a month and half. I moved to Rhode Island and did not understand the policy to withdraw. So now I have a transcript from OCCC with 4 F's on it. this drops my cumm to a 3.1 and the avg acceptance for McCombs is a 3.83. </p>

<p>What are my chances? Any suggestions to help?
Thanks in advance</p>

<p>I would contact your admissions rep. at McCombs and explain this over the phone (some school websites will tell you who the admissions rep is for your specific area, or you can email and ask for their name and contact info.). Explain your mistake in withdrawing from the cc and ask for their understanding. Be as sincere and polite as you can be. Ask them to use the current GPA and transcript only. Don't get upset or "fired up", just be mature and ask then thank them for their time and for considering your application. The 5 years btw. the transcripts is a huge + in your favor and you are a war vet! I think you're fine, but it's best to call and at least let them know that you are aware of the transcript and want to explain it. If this is your #1 school choice then let them know that too.</p>

<p>I found the New England rep and emailed her. Typo btw I went to OCCC spring of 2009. Will that really make a difference.
Thanks for the help though.</p>