Transcript to Duke

<p>I took a class at a local college. Do I need to send a transcript of that class to Duke now? What address do I send it to? I know there was an address on the final transcript and school report, but I already turned that into the school and I can't find the online copy.</p>

<p>I'm purely speculating here so you might want to double check this. But if that class was taken as part of your high school graduation requirement and not reflected in the final school report that your HS submits then you do need to submit a transcript. If your HS already reports the grade as a standard procedure then you can probably get away with not sending a transcript.</p>

<p>If you want the course to count for credit at Duke then it's a different story and a whole other set of extremely stringent criteria must be met first.</p>

<p>I'd say just don't mess with it. Trasnfer credit is a major pain and not really good for anything unless you're taking a whole semester abroad or something and need those credits to go towards your 34 credit graduation req. You wouldn't need a transcript for any other purpose. I had a couple college classes coming into Duke, and didn't mention them at all to the university. Not because I was hiding them, I had A's, just because they're essentially useless. The one exception might be if you want to use that class to fulfill a prereq to go on to the next level which is offered at Duke. If that's the case, though, you might just be able to talk to the specific department you want to take the class in and let them know the situation.</p>