<p>I have average stats (2250 SAT, 800 SAT IIs) for an Asian international and I have pretty good ECs with a lot of leadership (particularly in the major I am interested in - Economics). I am a full IB candidate and these are probably my predicted grades:</p>

<p>Maths HL: 5 or 6
Physics HL: 7
Economics HL: 7
English A1 SL: 5 to 7 (most probably 6)
Philosophy SL: 6 or 7
Spanish Ab Initio: 7</p>

<p>Essentially my predicted grade may be between 37 and 41 out of 42 (I would anticipate 39 or 40). </p>

<p>How would my worst case and best case scenario look at UC Berkeley/Haas?</p>

<p>My SAT scores are hypothetical. I have taken many practice tests and received scores between 2230 and 2320. As for the SAT II, I have got 800 in all practice tests.</p>

<p>You sound like a shoe-in to me. Make sure your essays are good; start thinking about them now if you haven't already. If it makes you feel better, I hear the UC's are accepting more out-of-state applicants in order to gain more tuition money for themselves.
Don't think about Haas yet--your application to UC Berkeley and your current stats have nothing to do with Haas. The business school comes into the picture when you apply in your second year at Berkeley.</p>

<p>In short, don't worry. You're right on track, assuming your GPA is similar in level to your other stats.</p>

<p>I am a full IB candidate and we do not calculate GPA. The only academic score that will be sent on my transcript for junior and senior years will be the IB predicted.</p>

<p>Also, being an international might drastically lower my chances. :( I don't know why I say this when the class above me had 5 students accepted into Berkeley with SATs around 1950-2100, and lower IB predicted. Just insecurity I guess.</p>

<p>International students are getting better and better chances because of the budget crisis.</p>

<p>You sound like a solid candidate, and I wouldn't worry too much. My stats were significantly worse than yours and I still got in one of the most competitive majors here.</p>