Transcripts and SAT/ACT scores

<p>THis might sound quite stupid, but when should i send my transcripts and my SAT/ACT scores? I plan on applying to almost all the UCs except for UCSB and UCSC. And how do i send sat/act scores?</p>

<p>You can send you SATs and ACTs by filling out the “send to colleges” section when you sign up online or on test day. If you have already taken the tests, you can order score reports online or call.
SAT: [Send</a> SAT Scores - Send SAT Results to Colleges, Universities or Scholarship Programs](<a href=“]Send”>
ACT: [ACT</a> Score Information: Send Your Scores to Others](<a href=“ACT Test Scores | ACT Scoring | ACT”>ACT Test Scores | ACT Scoring | ACT)</p>

<p>You can send your scores to one UC and all of the UCs will get the report.</p>

<p>Scores need to be sent by December, 2010.</p>

<p>Transcripts are not sent until you have been accepted, chosen where you will attend and have submitted your SIR. You then send your transcropt only to that campus.</p>