<p>I got a little card from UCSD saying "Thank you for your recent letter. No decision will be made regarding whether the information in your letter will affect your admission status until your final transcripts have been received with all grades reported..."</p>

<p>Is this final transcript my current transcript, completed with 10th and 11th? Or my FINAL senior year transcript for second semester? I'm pretty sure it's the latter, but just making sure.</p>

<p>the SUPER-final one (inc 12th grade) ... just so they can check that you didn't slack off entirely.</p>

<p>I got this postcard too. What exactly is it for, and what does it mean? Do we have to submit anything to UCSD ASAP?</p>

<p>^ Wondering the same thing, but I guess just send the final transcript. I sent them a letter earlier about an extra class I took online, which I didn't put on my app.</p>

<p>nothing groundbreaking. just send them your transcript as soon as you graduate high school, otherwise you'll be prevented from future class registration.</p>

<p>I sent them a fax about possibly changing a class, which I followed up with by saying that I no longer am changing that class or my schedule. I still got this postcard. In fact, I got it today.</p>

<p>Everyone who got this postcard has sent UCSD a letter or fax of some kind?</p>