Transfer 2021

Hi I want to transfer to UNC Chapel Hill, I am a middle college student that takes my classes at a NC community college and I going to receive my associate in science and transfer as a junior , so I wanted to know my chances

College GPA- will be 3.71 by end of this year
High school GPA-3.7

EC- chick fil a Leadership, Co-founder of Black student union, SGA representative, CAB member

My weighted high school GPA is a 3.73 my unweighted is 3.42
and I am African American, and I am first generation

Sounds good to me. I was accepted as a junior transfer from an NC community college with 3.81 GPA, and a 3.5 high school GPA with no APs/honors classes. Since you’re a junior transfer you won’t need to send ACT score. I didn’t send mine.

Chance me:
Current freshman at Claremont McKenna
White and out of state
College gpa will be somewhere around 3.4-3.6
ACT was a 33

Was a captain for varsity hs sport team
Currently on a top division 3 swim team

Want to transfer for fall of ‘21

If anybody would be nice enough to chance me I would appreciate it. (:

Current freshman at Millsaps College
White and In-state
College GPA will be 4.0 or close to it
High School GPA was only a 3.4 but went to a high academic private school in NC
SAT was 1330 (Should I submit this??)

Current D3 baseball player
Great extracurriculars: (2 internships, Governor’s Page, NC House Page, and lots of volunteer hours)

Looking to transfer in fall of '21

Does anyone know if the acceptance rate for transfers differs from out of state and in-state applicants?

From what I’ve seen on past forums, yes there is a difference. The school is required to have a certain percentage of students be In-state. Hope this helps.

Hey y’all! Just applied for Fall 2021 Transfer this past month!

Asian / In-state

Current Sophomore at UNC-Charlotte

  • Major: Biology
  • GPA: 3.81
    High school GPA: 4.2 (3.78 unweighted)


  • Peer Learning Leader in Physics Department (2020-present)
  • Assistant Swim Coach at NCSU Club (2020-present)
  • Member of the American Medical Student Association + Volunteering hours (2020-present)
  • Captain of HS Varsity Swim Team + multiple Awards (2018-2019)
  • Lifeguard (2018-2020)

If anyone could chance me that would be appreciated!

Hey everyone!
Submitted my application last week for Fall '21 - a chance me would be great!

White - In State

Currently a freshman at NCSU, took one semester of CC to save money.

Major: Business Administration
GPA: 4.0
High School GPA: 4.2 Weighted 3.8 Unweighted
IB Program, Diploma Awarded with 2 6’s. 2 5’s and 2 '4s.
ACT: 30

Business Intelligence Internship, Volunteering, Investing Portfolio, numerous high school clubs, jobs throughout high school.

LOR: 4 recommendations, from: college advisor/business professor, high school UNC alum, personal letter from close high school teacher, and boss at internship.

thanks in advance