Transfer Acceptance / Meeting People

<p>I am considering a transfer to UCLA in the Fall of 2011, one academic year from now, and would like to know the standards for getting accepted as an out-of-state transfer student and exactly how difficult it is to be admitted to UCLA. If accepted, I will be coming from Arizona State University, there both PAC10 schools so I don't know if that will help at all in being accepted or with transfering credit, but I will be moving to UCLA without anyone else I know so as far as meeting people, is it easy to meet people and make friends as a transfer student? Where do transfer students usually live? I'm a social person, but am just wondering if UCLA is majority in-state students who already have cliques? I appreciate any advice/tips/answers anyone can give me. Thanks.</p>

<p>transfer students usually live in delta terrace/canyon point/courtside.
i think that at any college, people form their cliques in the first two years so regardless of which college you transfer to, you will have the challenge of trying to build friendships.
the transfer student dorms are also pretty antisocial, from what i hear.</p>