Transfer Acceptance Rate Engineer @ Iowa State

Hi, I am looking for the transfer acceptance rate or minimum GPA for applying into Iowa State for engineering. Anyone know where I can find this? Thank you.

Best to call.

Hello, i am a grad student at Georgia Tech studying engineering and was considering Iowa State for my Undergrad also but couldn’t go there because it was a bit expensive. So i got an engineering bachelors from Illinois Tech. transferring to Iowa State might not be that big of a problem, it requires a 2.7 CGPA and sometimes a bit more it the competition is high. Usually transfer students have 3.5+ as far as i know because that’s what their admission advisor told me when i was considering it. Iowa State ( along with other Iowa schools) are very lenient when it comes to Undergrad admissions ( I am assuming you talk about undergrad, coz if you are talking about grad than that would be very hard, iowa state is one of the hardest engineering schools for grad admissions avg quant score for GRE was 167 out of 170 in 2017). The leniency in Undergrad admission is due to state policy in which all three board of reagents dictate how schools enroll students. The schools themselves have no say in their undergrad admissions, if the student gets a 245 ( 265 for out of state and international) RAI score they get in. But as a freindly reminder i will tell you and as many others will tell you Iowa State is NOT AN EASY ENGINEERING SCHOOL, Engineering is hard but Iowa State engineering is a bit harder in usual because ( while they may not say it) they weed out almost 60% of their engineering freshman by the end of sophomore year. The school is known as one of the Top Engineering Schools in the Country and you’ll be able to see that at the career fairs, As a grad student now at Georgia Tech i can tell you that Iowa State’s Engineering and Science degrees are highly respected so if your son/ daughter does well at Iowa State you’ll be in a very good shape for a technical career ( This is because i have three fellow grad students from Iowa State who are insanely geniuses). For Grad admissions i would recommend you apply for Georgia and MIT kinda schools since they have much more money for research. Iowa State is very good too but according to general research rankings For grad school Iowa State is at 40 or so and for undergrad it is in the Top 20 in the US.

( this is assuming you are considering Iowa State for Science and Engineering, if you are looking for college of business the only thing I would say that is that while the college of business is respected and is pretty good, You’ll find better schools in the region for business, Iowa State’s actual strengths are it’s Engineering, Sciences, Vet med, design and Ag colleges which are considered to be some of the nation best, and in some cases World’s best ). I wish you and your family the best of luck !


@sshahid554 I was wondering the same thing coz I was also looking for schools to apply and wondered the same thing as to how they are easy to get into and also are the top engineering schools