Transfer Admission Chances

Hey everyone, I’m going to be finishing my requirements Spring 2021 and have a gpa of 3.1 currently. I’m expecting it to go up to around 3.2-3.3 and was just wondering what my chances were for business administration? Has anyone gotten into that major with a similar or lower gpa? I’m not local. Thanks!

This is for San Jose State!

Are you within the local service area?

Preference was given to local applicants through a .25 GPA increase for those applicants who earned the majority of their transferable units at the time of application from a Santa Clara or Santa Cruz county college.

Will you have your ADT?

**2020 info:
Business Administration - all concentrations
Applicants who completed three course requirements were admitted above a 2.00 GPA.

Applicants who completed two course requirements were admitted above a 2.10 GPA.

Applicants who completed one course requirement were admitted above a 2.30 GPA.

All other applicants were admitted above a 2.50 GPA.

This major did not have the enrollment capacity to admit applicants as alternate majors.

@Gumbymom I’m not in the local area but I will have completed my ADT. Thank you for the help!!

@Gumbymom I know this is late, but hypothetically speaking, a student could be admitted without completing any major prep as long as they surpass minimum (in this case 2.5+ ) gpa correct?

Yes, according to the 2020 admission information I posted above, yes they accepted students with no major prep as long as their GPA was 2.5+. How many students they accepted with this criteria is unknown??