Transfer Admission Response?

<p>I sent in my transcript yesterday 5/18 that now shows i have 34 hrs of credit, and was wondering if anyone knew typically how long it will take for me to hear a response because of fearing being rejected. I need to make arrangements at my back up school for housing and classes and things of that nature.</p>

<p>It will probably take a couple of days when UT actually receives it to make a decision.</p>

<p>i heard when it comes to transfers the longer the wait the better your chances are
GOOD LUCK :)</p>

<p>They received my final transcript on 5/17 which completes my 30 required hours. When do you think I will hear back? What is the latest possible date i could hear back?</p>

<p>^ Probably by the end of the week. Don't know when the latest date is but they usually give transfer decisions within two weeks of your updated transcript.</p>

<p>Because it's so late in the year and students need to make commitments to either UT or other schools, I can't imagine they'd wait long. I assume that 90% of their work reviewing your application has been done already, because they've had months to do it, and their work so far is all saved in their computers. So I'm guessing it's just a day or two for them to re-review any given application, update it with a final score or rank or whatever, and then make a decision. Based on what I remember other folks have said in the past, it's typically no more than a week or two until you hear.</p>

<p>Will UT consider the AP credits that your original university took?</p>

<p>yea if they are on your transcript</p>