Transfer admission

What are my chances of being accepted?
I am planning to transfer to one of the UC’s for the fall 2021 term but due to COVID, i was unable to complete 2 of the courses needed by the end of the 2021 speing term. I finished the IGETC and all other courses for my major with the exception of 2. Is this going to affect my application harshly?

Need more information::
Target UC’s?
Current UC Transfer GPA?
Intended major?
Which courses are you missing?

hello, thank you for answering. My target UC’s are physics for UC Berkeley, chemical engineering for UCR and UCSD, and computer engineering for UCI. My current gpa is 3.5 and the only courses i need is one computer science class and the second part of organic chemistry.

See the thread “Transfer admit GPAs and rates by major and campus” at the top of the forum for admission stats