Transfer Admission

<p>Hi guys, I applied to UM's Industrial & Operation Engr program as a transferred sudent from a local community college with 3.94 GPA and haven't received a decision yet. Oh I applied on 02/25/2007 just days prior to the fall admission deadline(03-01-2007). By tomorrow it will be the 12th week since my application was submitted. I contacted the COE admission office last week and they informed me that by the beginning of this week I should hear something. I'm nervous and worried now. Any feedback pls. Thnx.</p>

<p>.....are you asking about your chances or why you haven't heard back yet? If it is the former, you will be finding out so soon it doesn't matter. If it is the latter, you should be asking the admissions office.</p>

<p>well you've got a hell of a GPA and UMich likes Michigan CC good lucK!</p>

<p>My main concern is how long more I should wait to know my admission status. Also, what are my chances to get in? Again, transfer student from Oakland Community College with 3.94 overall GPA.</p>

<p>Be ABSOLUTELY sure your file is complete. I waited 4 months and talked to them several times before someone bothered to tell me that they were waiting for a transcript for a college I hadn't attended. They very quickly fixed the error and I had a decision within a few weeks, but I would've waited a lot less if I had asked the right questions and not waited for someone to tell me there was a problem.</p>