Transfer Admission

<p>OK, so I'm a potential transfer student interested in Middlebury (again).</p>

<p>I was turned down from Midd last year, but right now my current college isn't getting the job done. I'm in the Honors Program at St Joseph's of Maine. The average honor student SAT is around a 1240. I know the middlebury transfer admission rate is low - really low, but it's worth a try. </p>

SAT1 Verbal: 710
Math: 650
(1st time, no prep)</p>

<p>SatII: (had the flu when I took them, only had one chance to take them)
Writing: 750 Math: 580
College GPA: 4.0
College ECs:
-Student Senate
-Rock climbing wall certified, climb 3 days a week
-Campus ministry (volunteering, altar service)
-College Mascot (the fighting Monk)
-College Republicans
-Maine Victory 04 campaign (very active, 20+ hours a week)
-Ski Club
-School newspaper writer
-Radio DJ
...and who knows what else by the time I fill out the application? when the campaign ends i should free up more time to get involved.</p>