Transfer Admissions/Acceptance - Fall 2018

Hi! I’m currently a third year student at Binghamton University (taking a break because I’m interning at Disney), who would love to get into Baruch! I have a gpa of 3.11 and have also sent in a letter of recommendation and a personal statement essay with my application, just curious what my chances are?

It’s so important for me to transfer because I never got into Binghamton’s business school so I’m just a bit stuck in that aspect. What are your reasons for transferring? Threads like these were so helpful for me when I was looking up schools and hopefully it’ll help out other people in future application cycles :slight_smile:

Why are you transferring out of Bing? I just got accepted yesterday, how is Bing’s campus and atmosphere?

I’m only transferring because I didn’t get into Bing’s business school (which kind of makes staying pointless), it’s a great school though ! Why are you transferring?

Im currently at Baruch, Im looking to transfer to Binghamton with a 3.7 gpa.

UNCISMYDREAM did you send your act/sat scores if so i hope you wouldnt mind sharing. Im interested because i have the same gpa as you but the school id requesting my scores and i didnt do soo well there…