Transfer admissions??

So I submitted a application for the fall 2016 semester and I had gotten an email about something missing a month ago. When I called to ask what information was missing, the lady said my application was complete and nothing was wrong. I should not really be so worried since I have already gone through this waiting game before when I was a senior, but I know all the seniors at my old school have already gotten in to WASU and I’m worried because it’s getting around the corner to the acceptance cut off (May 1st). I wont call or email because I know that’s not going to do anything, but waste their time, but I wanted to know is transfers are accepted later than first year applicants in terms of reviewing applications and/or admission decisions.
Any help would be great!

I think you should give them a call or an email asking what’s going on with your application. There are sometimes when a single email can help a lot moving your application.