Transfer Advice: USFSP vs Flagler College

USF St. Petersburg verus Flagler College:

Hi I’m planner to transfer into one of these colleges as a junior in the spring. My major is psychology and I’m hoping to be able to minor in anthropology depending on if I will be able to graduate on time. I’m hoping to go to grad school and eventually become a neuropsychologist after getting my PhD. The main deciding factor between these two colleges is whichever one is going to get me to grad school (which I’m guessing hinges on research). I’m possibly interested in USF’s graduate program and wonder if going there for undergrad would give me an advantage when applying. I don’t know too much about the history or reputation of each college as I’ve been out of state until now. I made a list with some pros and cons below and could really use some advice. Thank you in advance!



  • Tuition is lower! (~6k vs 21k)
  • Waterfront campus!
  • Nice downtown area within walking distance
  • Quick drive to the beach
  • 45 mins away from home
  • Honors program that I would hopefully be admitted to
  • Nice new library
  • Better disability accommodations (based on what students said online, not completely sure)


  • Higher cost of living and apartment (vs townhome or house)
  • Very urban area
  • One year language requirement
  • Gen ed requirements may cause me to graduate later
  • HB 999! (Worried about professors leaving)
  • Mostly a commuter campus and seems a bit difficult to make friends
  • No specific neuro related psychology research



  • Small town, although on the expensive side
  • Neuropsychology and behavioral neuroscience class (USFSP only has psychological psychology)
  • Possible honors program
  • Beach!
  • Cheaper living/possible house


  • Tourist town
  • Older buildings/smaller buildings
  • Higher tuition
  • Not a very high graduation rate
  • 3 1/2 hours from home
  • Far away from most things
  • Not a lot of disability accommodations (based on what students said online, not completely sure

So when I read this I see a couple things:

  1. I would ask each school what type of disability support they have and not go by on line reviews. This is in part because all needs are different.

  2. You say there’s no research opportunity for neuro psychology research. Do you know this because you’ve looked into this and talked to professors? Or are you making an assumption based on courses/majors offered? Go talk to a prof. You might be surprised.

I see the language and gen Ed can be an issue. Perhaps you can talk to an advisor and find a work around or get slotted for summer.

You might look into whether a transfer into summer requires the 9 credit requirement like a first year would at a public. I don’t know the answer.

You might checkschool for outcomes. Who is going to grad school and where. What % are going. Flagler shows outcomes but not what % are going.

Finally, can you afford Flagler ?

If not, the decision is easy. If so (meaning no loans), meet with a professor at each and discuss your future aspirations. See which fits !!

Good luck.