Transfer.. Again?

<p>So, I'm a sophomore and I just transferred to monmouth. And, well.. I hate it. I have no friends, my roommate isn't exactly my favorite person, and I'm just freakin' miserable. The reason I transferred here was because the education I was getting at my old school wasn't what I wanted. I was looking for more of a challenge in my major (radio/tv/film), and monmouth can give me that. My classes are good and the internship possibilities seem great. My old school doesn't have such a good program to offer and they lack the internships, but I still really miss it. So I'm considering transferring back. Can anyone give me some advice on whether or not I should do that?</p>

<p>Hey wutiscollege! I work at Monmouth University and wanted to ask if you have had the opportunity to talk with anyone at the center for student success or maybe even your RA in your residence hall? They may be able to help with the transition that you are going through. Let me know if I can be of any help. </p>

<p>I’ve talked to my RA, she’s great but she can’t really help that much. It’s a good school on paper but I feel really uncomfortable here.</p>

<p>I understand wutiscollege. I am sorry for the way that you are feeling on campus. Did you have a chance to meet with the Center for student Success or anyone else in the student services office? I have been in your position before and know how tough the transition can be sometimes. Let me know. </p>