Transfer aid question

One thing I’ve noticed is that colleges outright state that transfer students receive less financial aid than students who were admitted first year. I have several questions about this. Columbia is my first choice, so perhaps let’s look at them as an example. However, I’m sure their aid practices are comparable to any top school.

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How much less exactly do transfer students receive? Is it significant? I know it’s nearly impossible to quantify this, but even an estimate would be appreciated. Also, does this continue until you graduate or do you receive the same amount of aid as everyone else after you’ve completed your first year? If not, how stupid is that? Thank you.

There is no way for us to give you this answer. Apply and see…but keep your options open. Columbia might not be affordable.

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Each school has it’s own net price calculator. Please run the net price calculator for each school that you are interested in applying to and indicating that you are applying as a transfer student.

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