Transfer and commuter student & making friends?

<p>Hi everyone,
So I basically transfered from a community college after 2 years to a 4 year school in Philly. I won't name the specific school, but not only am I a transfer student, I am a commuter student too. My apartment is pretty close to the school so it is about a 10 minute bus ride or drive from my campus. Anyway, I am finding it extremely difficult to make friends. I went to orientation, and it was so croweded and it was mixed with freshman, transfer, and international that I found it hard to really connect with anyone + most people were with their parents or something so they were pretty pre-occupied. In my classes, I have talked to a few individuals, but it never really goes anywhere. Or, you can just tell from their curt responses to things that they dont feel like socializing. I have friends, but they are all far away in their own colleges thousands of miles away doing their own thing & started a new life with new friends & people. I am pretty outgoing naturally, I like to laugh, go to events, go out to eat, and just have fun! I am not really into the whole frat scene, like excessive drinking and blah blah. I don't mind drinking, but like you see on those facebook albums where people are completely bombed. I am more on the classier and slightly conservative side. I would consider myself similar to people like kerry washington, janet jackson, tia and tamera mowry(not look wise) in my personality. My idea of fun is sporadically taking the train to NYC and having lunch and a few drinks. Shiopping, upscale lounges, etc. I was just wondering why I am not making any friends, or if it possible being a commuter student? & Im soon to be 21 fyi.</p>