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So I’m international student and I finish my high school in 2019, So I start a college here, and finish one semester. But when the Corona virus pandemic start, the college stop, and I start to thinking about follow my dream. My dream always was to study in US, and I have time to start working on my dream but when I made my college list, all of colleges want to I apply as a transfer.
So, my start weak on my grades in the college(8.5 of 10) and I don’t want to apply because I don’t gonna have chance to get into.
So I wan’t to know that if there’s a chance that I say that I never start the college, since I only have one semester, and if there’s a big chance that they know, and how will they know that I start a college in another country?

Yes, universities in the US will know that you have started college or university in another country.

Why do you want to attend university in the US?

What is your budget?

Do you have a TOELF or IELTS score?

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This is an untruth. You are starting on the wrong foot. Be honest.
You need to realize and be aware that universities in the US expect prospective students to be truthful in their applications, academics and comportment.
When the online application is signed, you are essentially indicating that all of your provided information is true to the best of your knowledge. If you attempt to deceive a US university, it will not go well.

The universities use a clearinghouse of information. You will be caught. If you are discovered to have lied, deceived or been untruthful, from application to graduation, that information goes into the clearinghouse. The universities are punitive and will flag your file. Along with being expelled, any diplomas are retracted, visas are canceled with the reasons given to immigration officials, and any attempts to transfer to another university will fail because you will not be admitted anywhere. If you received any forms of scholarships or funding, you will be expected to pay back the funds.
Be honest. Don’t take the risk-it is not worth it.

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I have to apply to a college that offer a full-ride, so it`s much more dificult and to transfer students is also more.
But how they will know that I have attend to a college here, if I just send my transcripts of high school?

The clearing house is just nacional, I never study in the US, so the clearing house still gonna know that I attended to a college here?

Full rides even for US Freshman are very few and even fewer for International students.

US colleges take academic integrity very seriously so if you lie about attending a University elsewhere there is always a chance that the lie will be discovered.

There will be major consequences if you’re caught. If adcoms find out that you lied on your application before the decision date, chances are your application will be rejected. If they find you after you’ve been accepted, then your application could be rescinded. If they find out you lied after you received your diploma, that could be taken away.

Lying might even affect your chances at other schools, because some colleges share information with one another. The last thing that you would want is to be blacklisted from all of your schools of choice because you put down false information on your applications.

I would also add that as an International student, you will also loose your student VISA and would probably never be able to return to the US.

It is not worth it.

I will add that not all colleges will consider you a Transfer student after 1 semester. Several colleges have a unit/credit threshold so you can apply as a Freshman instead of a Transfer.

So again, what can your family pay including airfare, living expenses, personal expenses beyond tuition, room, board, books?

What is your intended major?

What country are you from since you need to have some backup schools in your home country?

What are your academic grades, test scores, extra curricular activities and are you a top student in your country?

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I could earn in us with my family support and working , around $1000 or $1200, so at least I have to earn a full tuition , because I have to pay a rent and meals. I already search the colleges, and for 95% of them , I’m a transfer, and I already quit college, this is not fair.
My major is cs, I’m from brazil( so I think that is hard to they found me) , and my test scores are really good, 1510 in the SAT. This is why I want to apply as a fresh, because I have the chance to go to US.
If I have to apply as a transfer, my college transcript are not so good, and since I only made 1 semester, I don’t have contact with teacher to reccomendation letters.
So I still thinking in say that I don’t have attended to college, because I work, so I can say that this gap of time, I work and then take a gap year to study.

A $1000 to $1200 will barely cover airfare from Brazil. I think you need to consider studying in Brazil and then possibly coming to the US for graduate school. You cannot go back to original college?

You have a very good SAT score but many schools are test blind due to Covid. Also for US colleges that give good financial aid, test scores are only a small part of the admission process. As an International student you need the whole package.

I am not trying to dissuade you about applying but you need to be Honest. Lying on your college application is just WRONG and if you do not see that, then you are not a good fit to study here in the US.

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But how they can know about a semester that I made if I don’t say to them? because it’s in another country.

Besides the part where you are asking posters to tell you it’s OK to lie, part of your application needs to include letters of recommendations, including from your HS guidance counselor. Don’t those folks know you went to university?

You risk having your visa revoked, being deported, and being expelled from college if it’s discovered you are here under false pretenses.

What’s not fair is you lying and taking the spot of another international student who is being honest.

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Because you sign the application saying that everything is complete and accurate and truthful. Nobody here will tell you it’s OK to lie on your application. And asking how to be deceptive violates ToS. So I am closing thread.

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